Easy and quick.

At Klangwerk Mastering there is no registration needed, no login or stuff like that.

Just send a song with WeTransfer, listen to the demo-master, pay if you like 

the master (e.g. PayPal) and receive the download-link for the mastered track.

That's it !


Cheap and outstanding.

Since we work without expensive servers, data bases, etc., we are able to offer our service 

for the half of the customary prices with same or usually better quality.


Listen and be impressed.

The most important thing beside good equipment and plug-ins are two trained ears

and the experience from decades of successful studio work.

All this bring along Klangwerk Mastering, as at the demo-page is impressively proven.

Make yourself an (acoustic) picture or start a test today.

If it does not please you, no costs arise.