Here we would like to provide an overview of conditions, operational sequences, 

technical terms, etc. for you, so that our co-operation can be efficiently.



For the explanation of the term "mastering" we refer to Wikipedia, where you can get a very good description. 

Mastering is the most important thing in order to make a perfect song from an idea. 

In times of volume-insanity and over-compression we strive to keep the tracks as much dynamics as possible 

and keep them nevertheless competitive. A difficult task, which we settle always perfectly.



You send a wave-file to us over our upload- tool, if you're sure, that by your side all defaults were fulfilled.
Or send first a mp3 in 320kb/s quality, on which we can give helpful hints for the perfect mixdown BEFORE 

the mastering ist starting. Some sounds HAVE TO BE too loud or too quiet before mastering to have 

the correct loudness in the master. 

After you receive the completed master in a Probe-mp3 by mail, you can listen and decide, whether the result 

is perfect or to be after-corrected. 

You (if necessary after changes) receive the download-link directly after payment.


Technical facilities

For an optimal master the raw material must be untouched.

In purely digital productions please do not use any compressor, limiter or other plugins on the sum

and pay attention, that no channel is overridden (goes into the red range).

Send us the TRACK with approx. -3dB maximum level, normalizing is not necessary.

Technically unsatisfactory tracks cannot be optimally mastered and are usually rejected by us .

You can deliver the track(s) as 16Bit or 24Bit wav or AIFF, also on CD/DVD,

depending upon the range of the order.


Further services

Naturally you can book complete productions as well as multi-track mastering.

Studio info on www.subzero-records.com

In addition we offer re-recordings from and to DAT, Mini Disc, revox-tape, audio-tape,

as well as from records to a medium of your choice, including sound improvement, de-crackle, etc.


Tips 'n' tricks

To optimize your song for a perfect master, you must know the following:

High signals (e.g. hi-hats, rides, crashes, ...) will be enhanced and forced most,

while the bassdrum will be reduced in loudness an pressure.

So you should turn up the bassdrum a little bit (especially compared to the bass)

and turn down the high  signals in your pre-master.

That saves later corrections with filters and eq.


Further information follows if neccessary.